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Refund Policy


If you wish to cancel your order before your order has been sent, please contact us immediately and we will refund you in full without delay.

All refunds will be issued immediately but may take a few working days to appear on your card statement.  For your convenience.

We hope our customers can understand that when a digital item has been delivered, it can be activated online and therefore we cannot accept a return as it is not possible for us to resell that item. In some cases we can put the code up for re-sale, and refund once the product has been succesfully re-sold.


If, in the unlikely event you receive a key that does not activate your game, or you experience any problem with activation, we guarantee the product by ensuring you either receive a working code, or a full refund.  Simply make a ticket at our support centre before 48h of receiving your order, and we will investigate the key for you.

We may ask for screenshots of the error to assist us in investigating your case. Once we have received your ticket, we will reply promptly offering a solution, or if we cannot solve your issue due to the key being faulty, we will refund you.

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